French Like Moi

When Scott Carpenter moves from Minnesota to Paris, little does he suspect the dramas that will unfold: scheming neighbors, police denunciations, surly demonstrators, cooking disasters, medical mishaps—not to mention all those lectures about cheese! Nothing in the City of Light can be taken for granted, where even trips to the grocery store lead to adventure.

In the company of a cast of recurring characters, he leads us through the labyrinth of the Parisian everyday, one hilarious faux pas after another. Everything is grist for his mill: neighbors who plot to murder one another, hiccups in transportation, bizarre store policies, operatic dramas in the condo association, healthcare à la française, underground labyrinths, and even terrorism. Through it all, Carpenter, winner of a Mark Twain House Royal Nonesuch Prize for humor, keeps his eye on the central mystery of what makes the French French (and Midwesterners Midwestern).

Praise for French Like Moi

Five star review “[A] a hilarious look at…figuring out life.” —Readers’ Favorite

“Scott Carpenter’s tales of life in the French capital will make you laugh, marvel, and daydream about amping up the adventure in your own life. Merci Monsieur Carpenter!” —Lorna Landvik, author of Chronicles of a Radical Hag.

“I laughed until my sides hurt at Carpenter’s lighthearted and self-deprecating take on living in l’Hexagone.” —Kimberley Lovato, author of Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves.

French Like Moi is not only full of spot-on cultural observations and the laugh-out-loud-yet-self-deprecating humor Minnesotans do so well, it’s also beautifully written with a timeless literary flair.” —Heather Stimmler-Hall, author of Naughty Paris.

“Deeply French but also deeply Midwestern—and thus rather perfect.”

  —Alethea Black, author of I Knew You’d Be Lovely